Atelier Derive is founded by Erwin van Dun & Cisco Schepens, two young designers from The Netherlands. As kids, we used to dream about having our very own fashion brand. Now, Years later, with our designs we challenge ourselves to question the world around us. Atelier Derive stands for endless curiosity, social design and making fun in life. An unplanned journey with an unknown end. We’re proud to present you the world of Atelier Derive.


Our passion for shapes, colours & art comes together in each of our designs. Every design is thought through in great detail until it brings a smile on our faces. We are fascinated by retrofuturistic illustrations, medival knights, stained glass, natural phemona and our local Turkish greengrocer. We discover inspiration all around us. Consciously and unconsciously. We translate our observation in a fashionable way into a refreshing collection.

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Normally you read cheasy advertisements about sustainability. Sustainability is a hot topic and people get rich from selling the idea. It should be noted that being in business contributes to the current environmental degradation. At this point in time the general quality of apparel is poor, consequently the stream of new apparel is too excessive. In our opinion a new generation of thinkers and designers is needed. If the apparel goods we, as  humans,  consume have a higher sustainable quality less products would be consumed. Within the Fashion Industry we believe that there is still a lot of change needed to be made. We carefully balance the potential risks of our own behavior. We promise to provide 100% openness about all the choices we make.

We are always willing to tell you more about our ecological footprint.

We simply love to work with people. Everyone in our supply chain is of equal importance. From the person who is spinning our yarn to our photographer. We gain energy from working together with creative people. Interested in a collaboration? Slide into our Instagram DM @atelier_derive or send a email to info@atelierderive.com