Theory Of Dérive

Our brand is founded and inspired on one of the studies of French philisopher  Guy Debord. Guy is known in many profesions but most widely know for its and author of ‘The Theory of Dérive’ and the ‘The Society of the Spectacle’. The brand is founded on the principles of this man as it strong relates to our daily live to keep pushing to learn and experience new things in life.

Guy Debord

Guy Debord (1931-1994) is a philosopher, filmmaker, provocateur and author of ‘The Theory of Dérive’ and ‘The Society of the Spectacle’. He was the self-described leader of the Situationist International movement (1957-1972). The Situationist was an international organisation of political theorists, intellectuals  and artists united by their opposition to advanced capitalism. A progressively increasing tendency towards the expression and mediation of social relations through objects. A movement that inspired us to rethink our own behaviour.


A dérive involves playful and constructive behavior by making use of  psychogeography. A dérive can turn a regular stroll into taking a unplanned journey. In a dérive an individual, or more, drop their every day tasks, activities, wants & must do’s and “simply” go on with movement and action. They let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and what they find there. They do not have a motif in mind, they are just experiencing the urban space open to new perceptions. The concept creator of this phenomenon is Guy Debord.

Weekly Challenge

In order to better understand Guy Debord’s intentions we empower you to explore your urban surrounding according to the Theory of Dérive. 

Challenge yourself and experience the definition of Dérive. Have a look at our Weekly Challenges, hopefully it will give you inspiration for your own future journeys.